Drops of Rainbow with Ana Yordanova


with Ana Yordanova

The path to a joyful life goes through your open heart.
I am here to support you as you softly tread toward it.


My name is Ana and I am a seeker and explorer of the inner worlds.

My calling is to accompany you as you discover what it is that you long for, what it is that makes your soul sing; to open and hold space for you to connect - with yourself, with others, with the world…

In both group and private sessions I utilise a variety of tools for self-knowledge and growth, meditation, shamanic practices, sound therapy, energy healing and more, all carefully selected and perfected over the years of my own journey.

In my sessions I weave the captivating beat of the shaman drum, the charming songs of the Tibetan bowls, and the deeply immersive voices of the two gongs, symbols of the heart and the soul. And with my own voice I hold your hand as you journey and explore your own inner worlds.



Choose among a variety of individual sessions according to the specifics of your present experience. Whether it is about an emotional or physical discomfort, a case in need of resolution, or relationship clarity, or other - feel free to browse the suggested formats or get in touch for a chat and we will pick what's best for you.

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Individual and group sessions specifically designed for the office environment and dynamics. Sound and vibration help soothe physical discomfort and pain associated with workplace stress and sedentary lifestyle. This allows us to relax and release the tension we accumulate in our bodies and return to a more peaceful and productive state of mind.

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Maybe you'd like to share some quality time with like-minded friends, or sprinkle some magic on the family event... Or you might want to have a deep dive into a relationship together with a special someone in a safe and guided environment... All you need to do is let me know and I'll prepare a session, carefully crafted to meet you needs.

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I welcome collaboration of all kinds as long as it leads us on a path to our own essence and truth. Have a look at my core practices, get in touch so we can see how we complement each other, and how we can create a container for others' growth and connectedness. I'm available for events in and outside of Sofia.

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As you navigate through a challenging experience, feel trapped in certain areas of your life, seek change in your relationships, personal and professional path, all this may manifest as physical or emotional discomfort, and difficulty in finding the way forward. Sometimes a conversation, a simple human connection is enough to meet and support you where you are - and this is what I am willing to offer, with the help of Nature.

Flower remedies are magic that holds us gently as we find deeper connection with ourselves and our essence. Their fine vibrations gradually fill our body and level us with the higher aspects of our Self. As we dive into the session, we will select a unique combination of flowers to support you in the process that you are going through. At our disposal will be all of Dr. Bach's Flower Remedies, as well as the magical essences from my personal nature lab.

And if you are familiar with the power of the flowers, feel free to design your own combination - or follow the call of a single flower - and I would be delighted to prepare it for you. Get in touch for more information.

Flower essence BUTTERCUP

drops of sunshine in a bottle

'I collect precious sunlight and pour it gently in your heart. I teach you to find and let go of that which no longer serves you, and to open space for the new. I help you become your own light on the path of life.'

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Flower essence: ROSE

beauty with presence

'I guide your steps on the beauty way - blossoming first from within. I gift you with the delicacy of wholesome presence. I help you to outline your personal space assertively, yet with kindness.

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I invite you to bathe in the magical sound and vibrational field of gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, shaman drum, chimes and other mystical instruments, in a varied combination according to the themes of the moment. Gift yourself with some time just for you - to journey beyond the ordinary reality of your everyday life, to cleanse and refresh yourself.

The magical sounds of the instruments help us shift into an altered state of mind which opens a healing space inside us concerning our physical as well as psychic and emotional wellbeing. The vibrations soothe the body into a deep relaxation and let it “reboot” by releasing the stress built up in our fast-paced daily routine. The instruments’ voices harmonise the mind and help break free from obsessive thoughts, balance the emotions and support us in connecting deeply with previously suppressed feelings and experiences.

During the session it is possible to fall into a spontaneous meditation or visualisation process and gain insight into important situations and relationships, as well as solutions for complex cases that to the rational mind appear to be stuck. Or simply put, to find our way forward to our future.

Feel free to join a group session from the calendar. Language is no barrier - there is very little talk, just a brief introduction, and then I let the sound of the instruments work its magic. You can also select from a set of recorded sessions (below), should you prefer to experience them in the comfort of your own space.

Overnight Gong Bath (recorded)

'Creators of Reality'

Gift yourself a cosmic symphony, especially suited for listening during sleep.

content: recording of a gong bath held live in Sofia on the night of the Winter Solstice (22 Dec 2023); file format: mp3; file size: 907 MB; duration: 6:16 ч.

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Sound Bath (recorded)

'Unconditional Love'

Witness the birth of the Universe and absorb all the love that went into your creation.

content: studio recording of a sound bath, followed by Tibetan bowls and finished with Koshi chimes; file format: mp3; file size: 120 MB; duration: 50 min.

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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?

~ Marianne Williamson






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